What do ground beetles look like?

Ground beetles are mostly black or dark brown and may have an iridescent coloration. They are often mistaken for cockroaches because of their coloring, as well as their seed-like body shape and spines on the legs. One key difference between a ground beetle and a cockroach is the lack of cerci. At the end of a cockroach's abdomen are two small appendages called cerci that stick out at a 45-degree angle. Adult beetles don't have these appendages.

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When are ground beetles most active?

Very Active
Not Active

What do ground beetles eat? 

Generally speaking, ground beetles are predatory insects that feed on aphids, caterpillars, beetle larvae, and other insects and invertebrates. Some species of beetles are herbivorous and eat only plants.

Do ground beetles carry disease?

Ground beetles are not known to carry diseases and are not considered a threat to the health of humans, dogs, or cats. They are also not known to bite. The only minor issue they present is that they produce a chemical that can cause skin irritation or a blister. It is not recommended to handle them with your bare hands.

Do ground beetles cause damage?

No. Ground beetles are widely considered beneficial insects, but their larvae can pose a risk to your lawn and other vegetation. The larvae of ground beetles are grubs. Grubs feed on the roots of turfgrass and can cause grass blades to die. The sign of a grub problem is patches of yellow or gray grass on your lawn.

Can ground beetles infest your house?

No. Ground beetles are unable to complete their life cycle indoors. They may get inside when opportunities present themselves, such as an open door or window or a gap around a pipe. They may also enter a home when conditions outdoors are unfavorable. Summer is a common time of year for beetle problems, as dry conditions can drive them into structures.

What are ground beetles attracted to?

Ground beetles are attracted to bright lights, food sources, and shade. Yards offer many of the things beetles need to survive.

How do you get rid of ground beetles?

If you’ve discovered ground beetles in your yard or home, we recommend signing up for our Pest Plan. This ongoing home pest control plan covers 20+ common pests, including ground beetles. Furthermore, it includes service every other month, ensuring insects and rodents don’t have the opportunity to get comfortable on your property. We also offer commercial pest control services for businesses battling ground beetles and other pest problems in and around their facilities.

How can I prevent a ground beetle problem?

Although ground beetles typically do not infest structures, we recommend sealing all potential entry points, maintaining a tidy yard, turning off exterior lighting when not needed, and addressing any moisture issues.

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