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Mosquito Reduction

Year-Round Mosquito Treatments

Are you tired of battling mosquitoes and missing out on the joy of your outdoor spaces during the warmer months? Your backyard should be a haven, a place to relax by the pool, enjoy your patio, or cook in your outdoor kitchen. With our mosquito reduction program, we can make that happen!

  • Service every month
  • Covers mosquitoes
  • Initial mosquito inspection
  • Mosquito yard treatments

Starting at $65/mo

*Subscriptions start at $65 monthly for customers with a pest control subscription (Or $75 monthly if Mosquito Protection is all you need).

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Here’s how our mosquito reduction program works

local pest control pro inspecting water feature for mosquito activity

Mosquito inspection

When you sign up for this service, we’ll send out one of trusted pest control specialists to inspect your property for mosquito breeding sites and hotspots. They will identify areas where water accumulates and where adult mosquitoes rest out of the sun before treating your property.

mosquito control pro treating yard for mosquitoes

Mosquito treatments

Every month, our team will treat areas where mosquitoes breed, including fountains, drains, and bird baths. We’ll also reduce the mosquito population by treating plants, shrubs, and flowers around the home, pool, patio, and outdoor kitchen and address other mosquito resting spots.

restaurant patio

Commercial mosquito control 

We also offer mosquito reduction programs for businesses. This is a great option for restaurants with patios, offices with outdoor courtyards, and even industrial areas. The program significantly reduces mosquito activity all year round, which protects employees and customers from irritating mosquito bites.

commercial mosquito treatment for weddings and outdoor events

One-time mosquito treatments for outdoor events

Don’t let mosquitoes or other bugs put a damper on the happiest day of your life. Anti-Pest can minimize potential annoyances by treating the venue before your big event. We specialize in preventative mosquito reduction treatments for outdoor events such as weddings and parties!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito Control FAQs

Is it possible to completely eliminate mosquitoes?

No. It is not possible to eliminate mosquitoes because they can fly a few hundred yards up to two miles from where they emerge. Our goal at Anti-Pest is to offer an ongoing mosquito control program that drastically reduces mosquito activity and disrupts the breeding process, allowing property owners to enjoy their outdoor living spaces all year round. 

Do all mosquitoes bite?

Only adult female mosquitoes require blood for egg production, and they obtain this protein by biting humans and animals. Males do not bite.

Why is my yard infested with mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are likely to show up if your property has standing water, tall grass, shrubs, or shaded locations. Adult female mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water, so any source can become a breeding ground. Mosquitoes will try to avoid the heat and direct sun by resting in tall grass, shrubs, and other areas.

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