Mosquito Reduction Program

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Keeping Mosquitos at Bay

Do you find it hard to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months due to annoying mosquitoes? Your backyard should be your oasis and you want to be able to enjoy that swimming pool or that outdoor kitchen. With our Mosquito Reduction Program, we can make that happen!

  • Year-round, monthly treatments
  • Reduced mosquito populations
  • Treatment of plants, shrubs and flowers around the home, pool, patio, outdoor kitchen, etc.
  • Inspections to identify mosquito breeding sites
  • Treatment in areas where mosquitoes rest and breed such as fountains, drains, and bird baths
  • This service is available by itself or it can be bundled with the services we already provide for you. Subscriptions as low as $65 per month for customers who have a routine pest control service with us
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Commercial Accounts

We also offer Mosquito Reduction Programs for businesses, such as restaurants with patios, offices with outdoor courtyards, and even industrial areas!

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Outdoor Events

Don’t let mosquitos or other bugs put a damper on the happiest day of your life. Anti-Pest can minimize potential annoyances by treating for pests before your big event.
We specialize in preventative Mosquito & Pest Reduction Treatments for outdoor events such as weddings and parties!

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