Customer Authorization Mosquito Service

  • The Mosquito Reduction Service is for the reduction of Mosquitos only and does not guarantee elimination of Mosquitos. We will apply products to help reduce Mosquito populations by treating the resting and breeding areas. We will inspect all possible Mosquito harborage areas such as birdbaths, flower pots and any areas with standing water. Some Mosquitos may still be present after treatment, but it does not mean that the treatment has failed. Anti-Pest is not liable for Mosquito borne illness or disease allegedly contracted from Mosquitos. The customer must take additional precautions for protection when outside to try to prevent Mosquito borne illness or disease. Anti-Pest will also advise the customer of conditions that are conducive to Mosquito breeding. Mosquitos that are in the early stages of development may not come in contact with the products that were used until they have reached the Adult stage. Adult Mosquitos will likely emerge each day following the treatment and may be seen before they have had a chance to be affected by our Mosquito Reduction products.

    Service Description: 12 scheduled MOSQUITO REDUCTION services per year. After 12 monthly services, Anti-Pest will continue to service on the scheduled service day unless you notify our office that you wish to discontinue service.
    Tips for Mosquito Reduction success:
  • Eliminating standing water is key to reducing the Mosquito population.
  • Make sure your gutters are clean.
  • Make sure your flower pots don’t collect and hold water.
  • Bird baths are pretty, but they are a breeding place for Mosquitos.
  • After our treatments, stay off treated areas until they are dry.
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