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Termite Control

Our Termite professionals have over 150 years of combined experience.  We can protect your building from Termites and other wood destroying insects.  After our treatment, it will be eligible for an annual Termite Control Service Agreement.  In most cases, we will offer an optional damage repair guarantee.  This Service Agreement protects your commercial building if damaged by a re-infestation of termites.

The goal of our Termite treatment is to establish a barrier of treated soil around the exterior of your foundation and any plumbing or other possible termite entry points.

The product we use to create this barrier is TERMIDOR ® (click to learn more about TERMIDOR). TERMIDOR ® is the best product available for the control of termites.  It is superior to other termite products because it does not repel the termites. The Termites do not know they have come into contact with TERMIDOR ® and they actually infect other termites in the colony. TERMIDOR has been tested by the USDA Forestry Service, and has repeatedly been 100% effective in controlling subterranean termites for the last 14 years.  No other termite control product can match this perfect record.